10 tips for a stress-free day at Legoland

10 tips for a stress-free day at Legoland

10 tips for a stress-free day out at Legoland

We love family days out and now we have Merlin Annual Passes we are forever darting off along the motorway for an adventurous day. Recently we visited Legoland and I must say it was a much more relaxed experience than in the past because we have got to know the park a bit better and learnt how to get the most out of our day. So, I thought I would share some of our tips with you.

  1. Arrive before opening – we left the house at 7.30 am as it is about 1.5 hours drive from our home. We arrived at around 9.20am after a loo stop, giving us time to head to the toilets before heading into the park and get down to Miniland ready for the gates to open. The stage in Miniland saw a little show from Emmett, Olly the Dragon, The Magician and Batman to officially open the gates at 10 am. We found it worked to head to the further side of the park and work our way back to the entrance through the day.                                                   Miniland Legoland
  2. Priority Parking – The Priority Parking is £12 but it was so handy to be parked so close to the entrance and not have to try and find our car in the massive main car park after a long day. Also if you need to pop back to the car for anything it isn’t too much of a trek.
  3. Head to your favourite ride first – before you go research the map and decided what your kids are desperate to do, then head straight there when the park opens to avoid the mega queues.
  4. Take a Picnic – Not only will taking a picnic save you a packet but it gives you the option to have snacks whilst waiting in the queues. Also when your kids are in need of food you don’t have to research and think where to go and then queue.
  5. Leave before the rush – In the past, we have wanted to get every minute of fun out of our day at Legoland by not leaving until the park closes but this has resulted in large queues and taking forever to get out of the car park, before even starting our trek home
  6. As the summer arrives and Duplo Valley Splash Area becomes popular on the sunny days, it is a good idea to pack the kids swimwear, so they can get water and change back into their clothes afterwards.
  7. Always take raincoats – hopefully, you will have a rain-free day, but some of the rides, The Viking River Splash, and Pirate Splash
  8. Get to shows early – The Pirate Bay is where the very popular for show time so get there early, so take you can get a seat, this also gives you the opportunity to tuck into your picnic if you time it right. Pirate Bay Legoland
  9. Check ride suitability – check your child’s height before you go or by the entrance, there is a display with which rides can be used over each high limit. Also as a larger than average family 1 adult to 5 children if I am visiting on my own the adult to child ratio is very important as there is no point in heading for a ride that we can’t all enjoy together. Now my eldest has turned 16 this has been eased a little but some rides have to be left for days out with Grandma.
  10. Take a Pushchair for as long as you can – the Legoland Winsor site has a steep hill, so little legs can get tired, plus it is always good to carry the picnic, coats and jumpers on.

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