17 Years of Motherhood

17 Years of Motherhood

Last week, it was my eldest daughter’s 17th birthday. As well as being an exciting celebration for her, as she is desperate to learn to drive. Also, she is edging even closer to officially being an adult in a years time. But for me, it is a reflection and celebration of 17 years of motherhood.

17 years ago, I started the most daunting phase of my life. Even though I pretty darn excited too. Initially at the age of 17 myself I don’t think I took on the bigger picture.  Actually, I think my naivety did me some favours as I have never been an overthinker and just jump in and learn to swim! That bigger picture involved another human being would be solely reliant on me for the next 18 years. Scrub that for the rest of her life as I would be lost without my own Mum.  

Mother and Daughter 2001

I learnt quickly that I came second to this little human being and rightly so! Some people actually many people said I was too young to become a mother. Well, I like a bit of a challenge and I set out to prove all those doubters wrong. Yes, I had never really adulted before so everything was new. Within weeks I learnt to cook, clean, budget (ok that one took me a little while to master) and care for a newborn baby. I realised very quickly that motherhood was for me and the sense of achievement and proudness as I watched her hit milestones and learn new things was euphoric. 

I have so many stories of the early days when my maternal side kicked in and I trusted my gut. Her entry into the world was long and pretty exhausting after she had already kept me waiting 10 days past her due date. Labour and the yucky bits that followed it kind of shocked me, as I don’t think anyone is fully prepared for it. But quite quickly after the birth, I realised that I had brought new life into the world. Which surely means that I was one strong person that was capable to deal with whatever life throws at me. A motto that I have always lived but ‘Not Why Me But Try Me’.


The gorgeous little blonde bombshell has taught me so much in the last 17 years and for that, I can’t thank her enough. Life has been far from smooth, involving 3 house moves, separation, 4 new siblings, a marriage. Then relocation to a new county, a divorce and too many beloved family members taking their last breathes on planet earth leaving us for whatever is on the other side! But through all that s**t there has been us an unbreakable mother and daughter team. I will honestly say she has made me the person I am today. And yes I was young but that means I get to love her even longer. 

Jess x

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