Our 2017 plans and wishes review

Our 2017 plans and wishes review

Wow, where did the year go? As the year draws to a close, it is time to look back at our 2017 plans and wishes and review it. Did we tick them all off, what will be carried forward to 2018? So read on for our 2017 review. 

Here’s Our List we made in January 2017

2017 review

  • Firstly to make the most of the last 6 months of our Merlin Annual Passes. We brought them on a whim last June and have had fab days out in Weymouth, at Chessington, Blackpool and Alton Towers. But there is still so much to explore we will be visiting London a couple of times. Where we will visit all of the attractions included there especially The Shrek Adventure and The London Eye. The teen also wants a grown up day out to Thorpe Park to enjoy the rollercoasters, not sure how keen I am but heyho best keep the eldest happy. Review – We did make the most of the last six month of our Merlin passes. With trips to Legoland and Chessington. Plus an amazing day out to London, with my eldest 2 girls. 
  • A personal one for me would be to grow my blog following. Regularly post weekly or more and also gain confidence in vlogging too. Review – oops this certainly didn’t happen! I blogged but not in a regular pattern. I have however read listened and learnt lots about how to establish a cracking blog. So I have made some tweaks in the recent weeks. I have planned and already written several posts for the new year, so I’m on track.
  • Our first and maybe one and only camping adventure. The eldest it 16 this year and asked to go to a festival for her birthday special treat. So we have booked for the whole family to go to Camp Bestival in July. I’m really not sure where to start. So any camping tips gratefully received. Some of the line up has been announced and looks like so much fun. Review – We did it! We camped even if we opted for the easier option and booked Pitch Village. They offer pre-pitched tents, with sleeping bags. Plus they have separate toilets, showers, plus a constant supply of hot drinks. It was, however, the wettest Camp Bestival ever I think. But once you’re wet, your wet! And we still had the most amazing time and we may well head back in 2018. family-trip-camp-bestival
  • It is GCSE year so a biggy, so we are all hoping that the pressure of exams doesn’t make the house a too dull place. She will shine I’m sure, good luck gorgeous. Review – Even though I was worried sick come August. She completely stormed it. I was so very proud that she is now the proud owner of 9 A-C GCSEs. So she got onto her desired course at college. And seems to have grown into a little adult in the last few months.
  • My business goals have been set and they will be achieved (positive thinking at it’s best). I will keep to them this year and see some growth enabling (us) me as the only adult in the house to not worry so much about making ends meet each month. Review – Business has been steady throughout the year. But some targets have been missed but life threw me some curve balls I got distracted by. So I have returned to the drawing board and 2018 plan is mapped out. Now to action it and not let anything get in my way! (words of a determined lady)
  • We absolutely loved getting away to Disneyland Paris just before Christmas this year. A getaway was much needed after the long school term, but as completely amazing as it was it was bloody knackering too. So it got me thinking, dreaming and wishing for another holiday next Christmas, but I would love for us to chill in the sunshine and let the kids swim/splash about it a pool (as I would love to see the benefit in heavy investment into swimming lessons). So I will be in contacting my travel agent soon to pick her brains for ideas of where to go. Review – We didn’t venture overseas for any of our holidays in 2017. However, we did take some amazing breaks. February Half Term saw us head to an old favourite, Trecco Bay, Porthcawl. Easter we stayed at home as it was J and A birthdays, so it was party galore. Plus T went on a trip of a lifetime to New York with her school in April. In July we had the most amazing bargain holiday to Cornwall. Booked last minute, we managed to blag the hottest week of the year. We could have been in the Carribean, we returned sunkissed and totally refreshed. We then finished off the year with a festive visit to Bluestone
  • Our house is busy and very well used by our big family. I’m first to admit it isn’t as tidy as I would like but seriously I can’t keep up with it and running a business and looking after the kids. So a cleaner would be a dream but until I can afford one, I think it’s time for a freshen up, so we plan to get the paint out! Review – oops this one so didn’t happen, we still live in a little bit of chaos. I did get the paint out early in December, but the hallway isn’t finished yet. So this one will be carried over to 2018!
  • I’m sure we will add tons more adventures along the way this year but this gives up a good start. What have you got planned? Review – Looking back we made too many amazing memories to list them all. Some favourites, all three of the youngest going to the same primary school. T and I going on BBC 5 Live. A lush weekend away with some amazing ladies and no kids, so much laughter. Seeing Take That in concert. Welcoming our new family member, Topsy the Tortoise. Dancing to Craig David in concert with T, 15. Who wasn’t even born when I was garage mad!

Phew what a year, the good times certainly outweighed the tough times. Now onto the new year, with excitement for what awaits.

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  1. Wow…sounds like you had a pretty great Year! We had Merlin passes a few years ago and they allowed us to have some brilliant days out. Here’s to a great 2018!

  2. I love that you’ve used this post to reflect back on your goals for 2017 and see how the year panned out. It sounds as though you’ve had a great year and you must be so proud of your daughter and her results! Here’s to 2018 and thanks for linking up with #DreamTeam x

  3. Aww wow you’ve had an amazing year! I think we may have been in Cornwall at a similar time to you, wasn’t it lovely? Here’s to 2018, and I look forward to reading your review at the end of this year! #DreamTeam

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