About Our Family

About Our Family

A Little bit about our Family

One Mum, Two Businesses, One Home, One Car aka Bus, 5 Children, a Cat and anything else our busy lives through at us.

Me a Mum who never wanted to follow the rules, well I was the baby of the family after all. So 36 years on I am a single Mum to 5 children and if I wasn’t busy enough I run my very own business too.

The Firstborn is now a teen and knows her own mind. She has fundamentally made me the mother I am today. Growing and learning with her everyday.

The Smiley One is all ways there to check up the room, she easily makes friends and always sees the good in everyone.

The Brainy One can often be found reading a book quietly whilst chaos erupts around her, whilst she is busy trying to decide weather she will be an author or scientist when she grows up.

The Boy the one that taught me how to raise a boy after so many girls (who am I trying to kid, I’m still clueless about raising boys and generally blagging it through this parenting malarkey as I have done for the last 15 years)

The Baby the cute/naughty one that has the rest of the family wrapped around her little fingers.

Our Home is lived in, well seriously I would much rather be spending time with my tribe rather than spending all my time off cleaning. One day soon I will employ a cleaner but need to tidy up first!!!!

So having a larger family I have no choice but to drive a huge 7 seater car aka The Bus, no sports car her.

That’s a little bit about us, please hit like our Facebook page to keep up with our fun, stress, adventures, celebrations and the odd tear too.

Mum Under Pressure xx