An Officer and a Gentleman at Bristol Hippoddrome

An Officer and a Gentleman at Bristol Hippoddrome

An Officer and a Gentleman is currently on stage at Bristol Hippodrome. Last night I went to watch it, being an 80’s baby I never knew all the hype around the film. However, when I have spoken to people about it they have raved about Richard Gere’s performance. So I was hoping that the theatre production would also deliver an entertaining show, I wasn’t disappointed.

When I arrived and looked through the musical’s program I instantly recognised many of the songs. Well, who hasn’t sung Living on a Prayer at full voice sometime in their life?

paper factory

An Officer and a Gentleman Musical tells the story of Zack Mayo during his training to become the best, A US Navy Pilot. Zack arrives on his motorbike with a lot of attitude. But over time Sergeant Foley whips him into shape. During his journey through the rigorous 12-week training, he meets local girl Paula Pokrifki when he is on a liberty weekend off. Paula works in the Pensacola Paper Factory but has aspirations to live out her dream and become a nurse. She often tells Zack to believe in himself and he will succeed. Zack played by Jonny Fines and Paula played by Emma Williams entertained the audience with seamless renditions of so classic 80’s tunes.

Mayo and Seegar

The 12-week training course was too tough for some, they DOR’ed and rang the bell, quitting the course. Even though Zack came close to quitting he knew he had more to prove. Also, the rivalry with his co-candidate Casey Seegar (Ghetto Girl) turned to friendship through the weeks and Mayo helped her to complete the final athletic course. The course took a victim, Zack’s buddy Sid, his death spurred Zack on to realise the importance of love and friendship. So soon after Zack completed his training he declared his love for Paula. 

The comradery between Foley and Zack ‘Mayo’ became stronger towards the end and it was lovely when Foley issued Mayo with his wings. Also making his and Seegar’s dreams come true by announcing they would be learning to fly Jets.

Mayo and Foley


The staging was clever and quickly adapted for each scene. Whether it be the Pensacola Paper Factory or The Training Facility. The whole cast’s voices were strong and delivered a great show. An Officer and a Gentleman, The Musical is showing at Bristol Hippodrome until 4th Augst 2018

Disclaimer: I was offered press tickets in return for an honest review, all words and views are my own.


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