Camp Bestival – What To Pack

Camp Bestival – What To Pack

Later this month we will be returning to Camp Bestival for our second year running. Whilst the kids are still at school it has got me trying to be super organised. So I’m working out what we need to pack. We are kind of cheating, I prefer to making the camping experience more relaxed, by opting for a pre-setup tent. We had a great experience with Pitch Village last year, so we are staying with them again. Meaning we don’t need to lug the tent and sleeping bags to our pitch. 


Clothing – Last year, I did over pack as it was our first ever camping experience, this year we will be lightening the load slightly.

  • Shorts – last year we all wore shorts the whole time even though it rained most of the weekend. 
  • Layers – being in England some days it is possible to have all seasons in one day. Even if the daytime is nice and warm the evenings and nights can be chilly. So a vest top, shirt and then hoody works a treat. 
  • Wellies – even if rain isn’t forecast after last years washout I wouldn’t risk not taking them. Plus fluffy super comfy socks to wear with them are essential as the Camp Bestival site is massive.
  • PJs – last year the nights were a bit chilly, I opted for trackies and hoody to sleep in as I hate being cold. But the kids were fine in their PJs inside their sleeping bags.
  • Sunhats – if the weather is hot the kids will be outside for hours on end so hats are essential.
  • Trainers – if it is nice and sunny, even though flip-flops keep your feet ultra cool, the amount of walking calls for trainers.
  • Flip-flops – these are great for the morning/night runs to the shower/toilet blocks. also whilst pottering around by the tent.
  • Raincoats – whats the scout saying, always be prepared.  Make sure you have properly waterproof coats for the whole family.
  • Fancy Dress – Camp Bestival is known for having a yearly theme and this year it is Nautical. The Saturday is fancy dress day, so it’ll be time to pull out the stripes. some families go all out, but I’ve run out of time to get my creative flare going.

Food and Drink – We plan to take food for breakfast and lunch. But treat ourselves from the scrummy food vendors for dinner.

  • Water bottles – great to have on hand to keep the kids hydrated especially if it is hot. We have a couple of large collapsable bottles to save us heading to the water sources constantly. Using reusable ones is doing our little bit for the environment too. I also take the mini squash bottle to add a few drops to my fussy none water drinkers!
  • Cool box – before I go I freeze items for the first 24 hours, that should hopefully stay fresh for that time. But past then it’s not much use unless you have an electric one and an electricity source.
  • Snacks galore – my gosh these kids can eat and unless I want to spend a fortune on snacks, I take tons. With the weather hopefully being hot, crisps and biscuits mean no melted mess. We also try to keep it healthy so lots of fruit too, but mostly apples and satsumas, as berries and bananas don’t travel well.
  • Wraps – they don’t get squished like bread. However, the kids have pretty weird fillings as they are things that are ok to be left out of the fridge, like chocolate spread, marmite and jam. Or tinned tuna if they fancy it. 
  • Cockery – plastic plates, bowls and cutlery
  • Plastic tubs – to store food in
  • Pans – to warm up beans or spaghetti
  • Camping stove – to have a warm lunch

Other Kit – things to make life easier

  • The Trolley – not only great for when we arrive and have to unload the car but for the whole weekend. F’s, 7 and A’s, 5  little legs get pretty tired so the love the occasional ride in the trolley. It is also fab to load up with drinks and snacks for the whole day. This saves us coming back and forth to the tent.
  • Cash – It is hand to have 
  • Phone charger – an essential bit of kit of course!
  • Phone power pack – the battery can drain quickly especially if you are taking lots of photos and video
  • Picnic blankets – we plan to spend most of our time chilling and a it’s nice to have picnic rug sit on.
  • A chair – ok I know I’m not that old but itis nice to sit on a chair instead of the floor. so we always take a camping chair for me.
  • Toliet roll – portaloos, enough said. 
  • Hand Sanitiser – same as above!
  • Baby Wipes – a mum’s best friend, essential to keep those faces clean and to give the kids a quick wash.
  • Mini Fans – if it is a hot one then these are handy to help keep 
  • Torches – when walking back to the tent late at night, even though the whole site it lit it can help to have a torch or two. Plus remember spare batteries as the kids love to play in the dark tent with them and we still need power for the night toilet runs!
  • Toiletries – deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hairbrush, hair ties, shampoo, conditioner and my styling stuff otherwise I’ll look like a frizz ball.
  • Glitter – the kids love getting into the festival spirit and plastering glitter all over their faces/hair. If you can biodegradable glitter even better.
  • Washing Up Liquid – to clean water bottles and plates etc.

The What If’s –

  • Sun Cream – if the kids are out all day, it will need to be reapplied throughout the day.
  • First Aid Kit –  plasters, savlon, calpol, antihistamine, paracetamol, aloe vera

That is our mighty packing list, just need to pick up a guide of all the timings when we arrive and we will be set for a cracking weekend. 

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