Dick Whittington – Bristol Hippodrome

Dick Whittington – Bristol Hippodrome

Pantomine is always a highlight of our family calendar. Faryl and I were lucky enough to attend the press night of Bristol Hippodrome’s Dick Whittington. This year the cast is headed by Shane Ritchie as Dick Whittington and Jennie Dale as Queen Rat. 

The set this year was pretty impressive, colourful and captivating. Early on in the show, the audience were impressed by the gigantic moving Rat, which reached out over the first few rows of the audience. Then later in the production Faryl and many of the other children in the crowd were amazed by the flying red London bus. It weaved it’s way around the stage with Dick aka Shane Ritchie at the wheel. 

Dick Whittington Bristol Hippodrome

Shane Ritchie is Pure Pantomine Gold

No Panto would be complete without a baddie, Jennie Dale who Faryl recognised from Cbeebies Swashbucklers. Shane Ritchie made the show, full of energy and delivered some belly aching laughs. The tongue twisters with Captain Cockles played by Peter Piper were very entertaining. Also the innuendos were free following and  had the adults chuckling along whilst the younger kids were oblivious to the grown up jokes! The panto Dame Sarah The Cook is  played by David O’Reilly

The young dancers brought the cute facter to the show. Faryl and I loved the acrobatic display from the sailors too. Not forgetting the most entertaining part of the show when Dick fell into the curtain pulling the backdrop down to reveal the crew working on the set behind. This is the scene that Faryl hasn’t stopped talking about, telling everyone how funny the accident was.

Dick Whittington was the hero in the end defeating the rats and winning Alice’s hand in marriage, we all love a happy ending just before Christmas. The production ended with some kids from the audience going up on stage to help bring some more laughs. Then the show finished with a good old sing and dance along. We had a lovely evening and would highly recommend the show.

Dick Whittington is on at Bristol Hippodrome until 5th January 2020.

Disclaimer : We were given 2 tickets in return of an honest review. All words are my own. Photo’s credited to Dave Betts Photography

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