Girl’s Day Out in London

Girl’s Day Out in London

Being a parent to big brood means that is can sometimes be tricky to spend time with the older girls. Without the younger ones fighting for my attention. But awhile ago, we managed to grab a ‘grown up’ day out in London, as Grandma offered to babysit. So check out what we did on our girl’s day out in London

We had an early start and headed to Chippenham station to hop on the train to Paddington. It always amazes me that we can be in London in an hour and 15 minutes from the Wiltshire countryside. We chatted and took in the scenery on route and as it had been a surprise for the girls we planned what we were going to see and do.

Once we arrived at Paddington, we headed down into the Tube to The London Eye. When we arrived at the Waterloo tube station we took a walk along The Thames to the Eye. I must admit I was slightly nervous as I am not one for heights. The queue was smaller than I expected on a Saturday, so we were on board within 30 minutes. It was a special thing to do the celebrate T’s 16th birthday. It lasted longer than I had thought but it was great to look out for all the landmarks across central London, definitely one for the memory jar.

London eye selfie
Girls on the London Eye

Right next-door to the London Eye is the London Dungeons, Shrek Adventure and Sealife Centre. We took a miss on the Dungeons as we are all pretty much scaredy cats. So nipped into Dreamworks Shrek Adventure as there was no queue and we walked straight in. Shrek wasn’t quite what we were expecting but we all laughed and enjoyed ourselves. There were bits that made us jump and I was glad we hadn’t brought the little ones along as they would have been pretty spooked.

shrek advernture london
Meeting Shrek at Dreamworks Shrek Adventure

As we left Shrek Adventure we went on into the Sealife Centre. As a family we have been to plenty of Sealife centres over the years, so have seen pretty much every fish imaginable. But it was cool (see what I have done there) to see Penguins. As we left Sealife, the world had descended on The Queen’s Walk, so the girls got to sense the real hustle and bustle of city life.

Then we decided to do our own little sightseeing tour. Hopping on Red Buses, to see The Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Green Park, Buckingham Palace and Oxford Street. We timed our visit to Buckingham Palace perfectly to see the Changing of The Guard. This meant that The Mall was closed to traffic too so could take a leisurely walk along it, grabbing a selfie or two.

girls day out london
Our Buckingham Palace Selfie

We finished our day off hitting a few shops. Of course, the girls wanted to go to Primark on Oxford Street and a Little visit to Hamley’s too. More for me than them as I fondly remember visiting it at Christmas as a child, but not sure I was ever allowed anything!!

All shopped, walked and explored out, we headed home on the train to find our little people. As even though we love a day away from them we miss them too.

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4 Replies to “Girl’s Day Out in London”

  1. Ah, I always remember visiting Hamleys too! I think I’d be scared to take my 3 year old though, I’d end up spending a fortune! I love an aquarium visit, and I’ve never actually been on the London Eye either, despite living in London for years! Sounds like you had a lovely girls trip. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  2. I love the London Eye I’ve been on their a few times and I can’t wait for the girls to be a bit older to enjoy it. The views are amazing. sounds like a lovely girls trip and you can’t beat hitting the shops! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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