Madagascar The Musical at Bristol Hippodrome

Madagascar The Musical at Bristol Hippodrome

If you regularly read my blog you will know how important spending time with each of the kids on there own is to me. Well last night was Mum Daughter Date Night with the baby of the family. Myself and Aliza, 5 headed to Bristol Hippodrome to watch Madagascar The Musical. 

We were both very excited and having watched the films many times, we had high hopes for the stage production. The set was bright and warm, as soon as we took our seats Aliza’s eyes were beaming with excitement. 

Once the show started I found myself tapping my feet along to the beat. The opening scene in the Central Park Zoo showcased the key characters personalities. The seamless movement of the staging was extremely clever too. 

Alex the Lion played by Brandon Gale, interpreted ‘The King of The Zoo’ well, his singing voice was incredible. Marty the Zebra’s moved were great. And the comedy from Gloria the Hippo and Melman the Giraffe had me chuckling along.

Alex The Lion

I would say that the show was great for the whole family, however, Aliza is a bit of a sensitive soul so was unsure of the roars. As she thought Alex the lion was real, so I think she gives the costumes her seal of approval. 

The second half of the show was a laugh a minute with the ‘King Julian’ bringing such charisma to his performance. Shuffling around the stage and mispronouncing words. Then came the cast’s rendition of  ‘Like to Move It’, well let’s face it it was the moment the whole audience was waiting for. And it sure didn’t disappoint. It was actually awesome and left a huge smile on Aliza’s face.  

Madagascar the Musical had a real feel good factor to it. It would be hard to leave the theatre not smiling and humming ‘I like to move it, move it’. 


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