Matilda The Musical at Bristol Hippodrome

Matilda The Musical at Bristol Hippodrome

Jolie and I were invited to see Matilda The Musical at Bristol Hippodrome yesterday. She is a complete bookworm and massive fan of Roald Dahl books. So the production had lots to live up to and she certainly wasn’t disappointed. 

Matilda I’m sure has been read by a huge proportion of children and adults worldwide. The phenomenon of the book and the 1996 film is massive so when Matilda the Musical hit the stage in 2010 everyone had high hopes. The Royal Shakespeare Company took on the task of bringing the Roald Dahl hit to the stage. It was premiered in Stratford Upon Avon in November 2010, now in it’s 8th year it has been seen by over 9 million people and toured to over 70 cities. The current tour will continue until August 2019. Matilda The Musical has won over 94 international awards including 23 for best musical.


When we arrived at Bristol Hippodrome it was great to see that there was a wide age range of the audience. From 6 year olds up to great grandparents, so a show for the whole family. My 6 year old is a little bit sensitive so might not have been best for her. However, I know people that have taken children with similar ages and they have loved it. Jolie is 10 so was hooked from the opening scene.

There were many wow moments of the production, one that Jolie can’t stop telling everyone about, is the fact that Mrs Trunchbull actually swung Violet by her pigtails and she flew! Also the chalk that wrote by itself on the board that was in the book was pretty impressive too. Jolie and I also loved the swing scene. The live orchestra also made the show dramatic and exciting.matilda at bristol hippodrome

Mrs Trunchbull was played by the fantastic Elliot Harper, he was terrifying and a little bit entertaining at the same time. His/her costume was a great interpretation of the original illustrations by Quentin Blake.

The role of Matilda is played by 4 different children, which is understandable as the role is pretty demanding for a young girl. The night we attended Olivia Juno Cleverley was playing Matilda and did so incredibly. She sang, danced and portrayed the strong-willed character extremely well. 

It was lovely to see Matilda’s relationship with Miss Honey, played by Carly Thoms, blossom throughout the production. After being neglected by her parents Matilda loved the attention of someone that believed in her. 

Our verdict was that the production was amazing and definitely worth watching. Matilda the Musical is on at Bristol Hippodrome until 8th June, then moving on to Southampton and Norwich. 

Disclaimer: I received 2 press tickets in return for an honest review.


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