Time for a New Routine

Time for a New Routine

Well, where did the summer holidays go? The start of the Autumn school term means it is time for a new routine in our family. Lots of changes happening throughout the family, only the boy, F, will remain at his school that he was at at the end of the summer term. Having 5 children and running my own business you might have guessed that I am a bit of routine rebel and it bores me. But we need to get back to it, with the start of the new school year.

 The Changes

If you follow my blog you will know that my eldest daughter, T has just received some pretty awesome GCSE results (seriously proud mum here). She has decided not to say at her secondary school sixth form and head off to college to do a vocational course instead of A levels. This means that she will need to to get her bum up ultra early and head into town to jump on the bus to Bath.

Daughter no. 2, L, is heading to secondary school. We decided that our local secondary school wasn’t the right fit for L so she is going to the next town. This means she will also be heading to school on the bus, so a very early start for her too. This is a pretty exciting but also very nerve-racking time for her and we will all need to adjust slightly.

Daughter no.3, J, is just going into year 4 and will be moving schools. The reason is that 2 years ago the local council made the decision that my son didn’t need to attend the same primary school as his older siblings. So I had been dropping off to 2 different primary schools. By Easter this year it had finally started to take its toll. I felt for him being schooled elsewhere, the different TD days, multiple letters, rushing between pickup was crazy. We had waited patiently for F’s name to come to the top of the waiting list for a place. But the opposite happened he was getting pushed further and further down the list. Then I was pretty certain my youngest, A, wouldn’t get in either, I was right. So I decided that J would need to move school, she was added to the waiting list, but her wait was much shorter. The day I found out she had a space, I was ecstatic. The thought of my 3 babies being at school together was like winning the lottery (ok a little exaggeration but you get the gist it would be much easier).  

It is a big deal with J obviously but as she does several extra curricular clubs, she already knows some children that will be in her class. She has also had a few summer play dates with a lovely girl she will be classmates with. We have talked about it lots. Plus J had a trial morning and she seems happy with the change now, So fingers crossed everything goes smoothly.

The baby of the family, A, is 4 so is starting school. She is excited and seems happy to be wearing the same uniform as her siblings. Which will include a shirt and tie (give me an ahh). She will have the same teacher as her brother, so I feel happy about that. But I am obviously pretty emotional about her being my last baby to start school.

Once A has had all her settling in sessions and starts full time, I will potentially have time to myself. Yeah I know that is never going to happen as work and the housework will get in the way I’m sure.

My school run will be done and dusted by 8.55am in the morning. Then I won’t need to pick anyone up until 3pm. I will be working 4 days a week and 1 day a week will be spent running the family aka doing the boring stuff like cleaning, form filling, food shopping etc.

We are hoping that this will all slot into place nicely and I won’t be as run ragged as before. I can dream I suppose.

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17 Replies to “Time for a New Routine”

  1. I remember my mum always cussing when summer vacay ended 😀 all of our routines were still in summer and she told we were super hard to get up from the bed on the first day of school 😀 thank goodness my kid is only 6 months. I wish you all the best for the changing routine!

  2. Your previous school run life did not sound fun so I can see why you were so ecstatic to get them all in the same school. Good luck for what the new academic year brings for all of you. #thelistlinky

  3. I can relate even though my children have grown now. The routine changed as the years ticked by and once they both finished university I felt bereft that there would be no more summer holidays together. I suppose it gave me time to focus on me for the first time. As my nan says, ‘if things don’t alter, they’ll change’. We just have to do our best to keep up! x #TheListLinky

    1. I think your Nan is right, but the changes do certainly creep up on us. I think I have forever ahead of me with summer holidays together but in reality it will be gone in a flash x

    1. I think us Mum’s just manage to juggle whatever is on our plates, but some days do wonder how I got through x

  4. Exciting times for your kids and you! Congrats to your eldest on her results and all the best to your youngest for starting big school x #thelist

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