Our Winter Adventure

Our Winter Adventure

It’s time to share our magical winter adventure. For Christmas 2018 we did something we have never done before as a family. We went skiing! I love to give the kids new experiences and 20 years ago I went to on a school skiing trip and loved every minute. So always vowed I would return, but due to life getting in the way, it took a bit longer than expected.

Each Christmas I feel an enormous pressure to buy, buy for the kids. However a few years ago I broke the cycle by taking the kids on a trip to Disneyland Paris and minimal presents. In 2017 more than needed presents crept back into the equation. Also since my Dad died in 2012, Christmas has never been the same. 2018 was going to be the year I didn’t buy and we made magical memories instead. I contacted my fabulous friend that is a travel agent, I gave her my budget and told her I just wanted to be away with the kids for Christmas. To my surprise, she found a great deal to Bulgaria, to ski right over Christmas.

Family Skiing Holiday – Borovets, Bulgaria

I booked on a whim and didn’t think about the logistics of skiing with 5 kids on my own. As the year passed by and the holiday neared, I told myself I should get fit and visit the gym. That never happened, so i must be fitter than I think! We awaited Aldi Ski Special Buys, as I’m forever on a budget. Even had a last-minute worry if the renewed passports would arrive but it all panned out in the end.

We headed to Bulgaria on 22nd December and stayed the week. As soon as we landed the enormity of the snow wowed the kids and I fought back a tear. They were in Winter Wonderland. Once we arrived at the hotel and settled into our picture perfect villa, we headed to the centre of the resort. I lost count of how many times the first day the kids said this is amazing Mummy, no amount of money can buy that feeling as a parent. We had our ski kit fitted ready for classes the following morning.

family skiing

The morning came and I think we were all a little bit apprehensive. I was worried about dropping Aliza, 5 off at kindergarten for a few hours while we had lessons. Little did I realise that it would infact be all day as our ski lessons were 4 hours long plus a lunch break in the middle. Once she settled in was a bit of an ‘argh’ moment when it hit home I needed to ski for 4 hours, when I never made it to the gym to prepare myself! The first morning of skiing was hard going on us all, I think all 4 of the older kids had a little moment of ‘I don’t want to do this’.

Once lessons were finished and we all reunited with Aliza, we all felt a bit fragile. Day 2 for the Lex, 12, Jojo, 9 and Faz, 7 was tough they were tired and emotional. A bit of no nonsense encouragement from their ski instructions and they broke through the barrier. From them on they challenge themselves day on day, by the end of the week they were all flying down the slopes.

borovets family skiing

T, 17 and I were together in a class, we laughed until we cried some days. And I realised I hadn’t forgotten how to ski and didn’t fall over all week, hurrah! She had a couple of spectacular falls, but dusted herself off and carried on like a real trooper.

It was the most magical Christmas was made even more idyllic when it started to snow heavily on Christmas Eve. Then continued to snow all day on Christmas Day. There was no mention of presents from the kids. Santa did deliver them a stocking each, with some token gifts.

The whole experience was out of this world they kids all left Bulgaria being able to ski. And with memories, that I’m sure will last them a lifetime. We now plan to ski again in a couple of years I need to save up first. And whatever happens we would love to make it a tradition to go away for Christmas.

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  1. Oh wow, this was such a joyous read! Good on you and I loved reading how you all pushed through your individual comfort zones and came away having learned so much and with so many magical memories of a snow filled Christmas too!

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