How much Pocket Money should I be giving?

How much Pocket Money should I be giving?

When I was growing up, I can’t really remember being given pocket money. But I do remember many treat days out. Plus the odd packet of sweeties or cake on a shopping trip. Lately, however, I have been thinking about it as I think it is time to start set pocket money now my tribe are all bigger.

Why is it the right time for our family?  In our home, there is just one adult. Who seems to be in a battle with the 5 other occupants of the house to keep it tidy. So it’s time to give them some tasks to help out. I have been trying to work out how much pocket money I should be giving. It will, of course, vary for the kids as they range from young adult to 4 years old. 

It doesn’t matter how hard I try I can’t keep everything the same for them all, as their ages vary widely. I believe that earning pocket money will also make the tribe realise that if they want things in life they have to work for them.

A, 4yo – She will be happy with the odd treat here and there so £1 a week for her completing her weekly tasks.  Clearing the toys on her bedroom floor, putting school bag and shoes away is where we will start.

F, 6yo – He will be harder to encourage so need to think harder about this one. When it comes to birthday money and other money he is in no rush to spend it, at the moment money doesn’t seem to be encouraging him. I think for him I will continue to let him earn iPad time in return for straightening his bed, putting his clothes in the washing basket and making sure his bedroom is tidy. 

J, 8yo – This one if the most laid-back member of the family when it comes to cleaning and tidying. When I announce it is tidy up time she instantly vanishes or sticks her head in a book. She shares a bedroom with her 11yo sister. But no one ever makes the mess so from now on they will both be responsible for keeping it tidy. J’s thing is books and she loves to collect more and more.

Her reward for tidying her room and emptying her school bag daily. Plus the odd task like hoovering and helping put the clothes away. £2.50 a week and a bi-weekly visit to the local library will be here reward. She has a long and neverending list of books she wants to read. So every couple of weeks she gets to bring a bundle home from the library. Then when she has saved her pocket money for awhile she can buy some books for keeps. 

L, 11yo – She has a phone and bus fare that I pay for as they are essential. L seems to have the best social life out of all of us. So is often out with friends and their families. I hate to send her empty handed so am often dishing out the odd tenner here and there. She does help out around the house whenever asked. From packing/emptying the dishwasher, bringing washing down to put in the machine. Plus she is nifty with a duster and a hoover. So £5 a week for these tasks is fair, plus not forgetting the daily change from her bus fare that I never get back.

T, 16yo – She is at college so need to have her bus fare, so I pay that. She has a job so she has money of her own. But I also give her extra money for essential clothes and the odd treat. She has a mobile phone that I pay the bill for, we have agreed that she will take responsibility once she has left education to pay this bill herself. She already helps out around the house. When she does bigger tasks like decluttering her sibling’s bedrooms, we agree on a fee before she starts. Once she has finished I check to see if it is all ok and then she receives her cash, last time she earned £20 for a task like this.

Do you give pocket money? If you do how much do you give your kids?



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