Pre-Teen Mobile Phone Agreement

Pre-Teen Mobile Phone Agreement

So when I was ten I probably couldn’t even use a computer, now my 10 year old is a whizz online. The internet is a great resource but also a pretty dangerous place, so the request of a mobile phone is a pretty big deal. I have granted her request and she now has a smart phone which is going to be essential for me to get hold of her when she heads to secondary school in September. But as I handed over her new phone to her I also got her to sign a pre-teen mobile phone agreement, which gave her pointers on how to use the phone safely. 

I have chatted with her about what is wrongs and rights of how to use the internet. Also her teachers at school, have recently covered how to stay safe online during Safer Internet Day earlier this month. So hopefully she will use it in the right ways and a calls when she goes awol when she’s a little older!!!!

Pre-Teen Mobile Phone Agreement between Parent and Child.

Mobile Phone: Pre-Teen’s Responsibilities

  • I will not send threatening or mean texts to others
  • I will not text or place phone calls after 9 p.m.
  • I will give my phone to parent at bedtime every night
  • I will keep my phone charged at all times
  • Once I have used my monthly allowance of usage I understand Mum will not add any more credit
  • I understand that I am responsible for knowing where my phone is, and for keeping it in good condition
  • I understand that my mobile phone may be taken away if I behave badly, fail to do my chores.
  • I will obey rules of etiquette regarding mobile phones in public places. I will make sure my phone is turned off when requested.
  • I will obey any rules my school has regarding mobile phones, such as turning them off during class
  • I promise I will alert my parent when I receive suspicious or alarming phone calls or text messages from people I don’t know
  • I will also alert my mum if I am being harassed by someone via my mobile phone
  • I understand that having a mobile phone can be helpful in an emergency, but I know that I must still practice good judgment and make good choices that will keep me out of trouble or out of danger
  • I will not share embarrassing photos of my family or friends to others, without there permission
  • I understand that having a phone is a privilege, and that if I fail to adhere to this contract, my mobile phone privilege may be taken away
  • I will not join social media sites without ask my mum without permission
  • I will give my parent the login to my phone and all accounts setup on it eg. instagram, snapchat

Mobile Phone Contract: Parent’s Responsibilities

  • I understand that I will make myself available to answer any questions my child might have about owning a mobile phone and using it responsibly
  • I will support my child when he or she alerts me to an alarming message or text message that he or she has received
  • I will alert my child if our mobile phone plan changes and impacts the plan’s minutes
  • I will give my child _______ warning(s) before I take his or her mobile phone away

Signed ______________________________ (Pre-Teen)

Signed ______________________________ (Parent)

Date ______________________________

Download your copy of the agreement  HERE


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