Pros and Cons of Being Self-Employed

Pros and Cons of Being Self-Employed

For the last 8 years, I have run my own business. It has come with some challenges but also some massive WOW moments. Being self-employed it now a way of life for me and our family. It is what we know and I know that I don’t think I would ever manage to not be my own boss. So as a reminder for myself on the tough days, I thought I’d share my pros. But there is a couple of cons so we better get those out of the way too. Read on for my pros and cons of being self-employed.

Before I start though a bit of a disclaimer, I an not saying anything is wrong with being a Mum and employed. Afterall we are all different and therefore different things work for each family.

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  • Being in charge of my own hours – with all of the children in full-time school, I have the flexibility to work around school runs. 
  • Getting to see the kids special times – whenever they have an assembly at school I don’t have to ask my boss if I can go. 
  • Helping Families – my business is about saving local families money. So I get a real buzz from helping families. 
  • School holidays – I don’t have to worry about childcare in the school holidays. There aren’t many jobs that allow you 
  • Being in control of your income – there is no cap on my income, so the harder I work the more I can earn. 
  • Do what you love – I love meeting new people, I love chatting and getting to know team members and regular customers. 
  • You get to chose who you work with – our events bring loads of people from all walks of life. But my lovely team is built up of some great people I have chosen to grow my business with. Oops I have just realised that sounds like a line from one of those MLM businesses. I can assure you that’s not my cup of tea.
  • Work wherever you like – during the week I can work in my office, in a cafe, in the garden or even in the car. 
  • Setting your own targets – no grumpy boss telling me to reach a certain target etc. It is all up to me to decide on my current target. 
  • No day is ever the same – Variety is key for me. I get bored by routine, so love the fact that the different roles I carry out means every day is different. Which in turn keeps me on my toes and always learning.
  • To feel proud of myself – often us humans don’t congratulate our own successes. However I am very proud of what I have achieved in my 8 years of being a businesswoman, even picked up an odd award or two!


  • Keeping Focus – This is my biggest weakness, getting distracted. If it is a sunny day, I think that I’ll work in the garden, then I see the lawn needs cutting etc. And before I know it my working day has gone. 
  • School holidays – Being around for the children in the holidays is a massive pro, but it can also be challenging. I need to keep the business active over the school holidays, meaning I need to dip in and out. This means that I either need to get up early or stay up late to get my to-do list done. 
  • Irregular Income – Being self-employed doesn’t mean you earn an hourly wage, so you never exactly know how much you will earn. Also, you sometimes need too but in the work well before you get the reward (wonga)
  • Weekend working – My business is focussed around weekend events which has worked will for 8 years, so this won’t change. However now the kids are all at school, I sometimes don’t want to leave them. They know and understand Mummy need to go to work to keep a roof over their heads. And the positive of the weekend working means that I get the school holidays at home. Even if I need to do a bit of work here and there.
  • No sick pay – if I feel rubbish I just need to power on through, as there is no such thing as sick pay if your self-employed.
  • Working hours – with all of the children now at school technically I should have more working hours. However in reality that doesn’t seem to be true. The school days are only 6 hours long, factoring school run time, I only have about 5 hours sat at my desk. So this means I sometimes have to work in the evenings to catch up. 

So there’s my list, wow thank you if you are still reading. As you can see there is more pros than cons of working for yourself. I absolutely love it and I can’t ever imagine now being my own boss. 

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