Rio Olympics – What Did They Teach The Kids

Rio Olympics – What Did They Teach The Kids

Once every 4 years, the world seems to come together to put on a great show of solidarity for just 2 weeks. So it got me thinking about what the Rio Olympics were teaching the kids.

We aren’t a hugely sporty family, we don’t take any notice of the football league tables. But when the Olympics are on we catch up with as many events as possible. From Gymnastics to Swimming and Athletics to Diving (yes that sure is Mummy’s favourite!) there’s always something good to watch.

When watching the kids get right into it shouting and cheering at the TV, their passion towards the varied games got me thinking, yes my brain is still just about functioning after entertaining little people for the last 4 weeks. And I wanted to share the 5 things that the Rio Olympics have taught the kids.

  1. Never Give Up – Watching those olympians that have waited for years to get the results they want, taught the kids that some things take longer than others and there is no instant success.
  2. It’s ok to show emotion – When an athlete gives their sport their all and and they get the result they want or they don’t you see tears of joy and woe.
  3. Some things don’t always go your way – Two words Tom Daley, we loved the Diving and Tom Daley looked certain for a medal after diving amazingly in the first round of the his diving category and then came the semi’s and he literally belly flopped it, so after years of training, the pressure got to him and he didn’t even qualify for the final.
  4. It’s great to be part of a team – Even those that competed individually were present cheering on their fellow Team GB team mates
  5. A sport for everyone – The kids said to me that they didn’t realise that there were so many sports, how true is this so whether you are a team player or like to do your own thing, there’s something to interest everyone.

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