School Holidays Are Getting Harder

School Holidays Are Getting Harder

I work for myself and I have to say that I love it. For years I have found the flexibility to work around the kids a godsend. Before all of them went to school fulltime in September. I managed to work with a preschooler buzzing around the house. Always looking forward to the other children being off on school holidays. Meaning we could enjoy being together and the lack of routine. But since they have all been in school full time, the school holidays are getting harder. I feel terrible for writing this but surely I’m not the only one finding it a challenge. 

I love spending time with the kids, but life gets in the way. The bigger they get the more inquisitive they get constantly asking questions. This is essential for them to learn so I don’t want to put a dampener on that one. but how many whys can you answer in one day? 

Then there’s the mess, 4 lots of toys out at once, no one owns up to who made what mess. Meaning a trail of devastation that no one wants to clear up as it wasn’t them.  With the mess, we might as well pair up the arguing. Seriously I have to watch them like hawks to see who causes each argument. When I am in another room, it is usually about 10 minutes before someone storms off, something goes flying or someone is screaming out. 

I try my hardest to keep the kids entertained with days out and breaks away. But with all the best intentions we can’t can’t be out all the time. Even when we are out at least one child wants to be home. I understand that the 16 yo doesn’t want to trail along with us all the time and that is fine. However, the 11yo seems to think as her older sister stays how she can too. She feels hard done by having to trail along. This holiday we have had a glamping trip away and several days out with friends. So you would think on they could nicely watch a film and chill for a few hours on the days I need to work, but no!

The work thing also now stresses me as I used to be able to catch up in the evenings when the kids went to bed during the holidays. Nowadays I am so blooming exhausted once they all go to bed due to later bedtimes now they are old. I usually collapse in a heap on the sofa. 

I really want to focus on the good times with them as they are growing too quickly and before I know it they will have all flown the nest. So for the future half terms, I am going to make a decent plan. Meaning we can all enjoy it. I will be looking into holiday clubs and Grandma Daycare for a few days. So they are happy and entertained whilst I work. And make sure I plan ahead with work, not leaving me trying to meet deadline whilst they are requiring my attention. As they are now away from me at school a good chunk of their time. Then throw in all the afterschool clubs and other stress. 

This has ultimately reminded me of the most important lesson in parenting. Which is never think you have it nailed as there is always a curveball on the horizon. Forever a learner! 


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