Single Parent Holiday – Majorca Adventure

Single Parent Holiday – Majorca Adventure

This summer I will be travelling solo with 4 children on a single parent holiday to Majorca. As T is 17 she no longer always wants to holiday with us. I have started thinking ahead to our adventure. I am slightly nervous but also very excited for the adventure ahead. We are flying to Alcudia, Majorca in August this will be the first holiday on a plane for the 2 youngest members of our family. J who is now 9 was only 1 the last time we went on a ‘package’ holiday so she can’t remember it. I have left the holiday a surprise, for now, so trying to plan a reveal too. 

holiday abroad
Jolie aged 1 on her last package holiday abroad.

I grew up in a family where our once yearly trip on a plane to the med or further afield was the norm. Don’t get me wrong we always knew we were very blessed to have parents that worked their socks off to give us such great experiences. And definitely didn’t take our family holidays for granted.  So naturally, since I have had children I have wanted to travel with them. To explore new places near and far with them too. However, until now, we have mostly adventured in the UK. As being a single parent can make it harder to imagine going abroad. We have been given the opportunity to go on a whole new adventure with Melon Holidays this summer. Myself and the 4 youngest children 12, 9, 7 and 5 are jetting off to Majorca. 

Holidaying alone with 4 kids can be lonely. I know this seems mad to write as you would think with 4 kids there would be no chance to be lonely. Yet in the evenings when they are playing I can be left sitting alone. When they are playing on the beach and they do something funny and I have no one to laugh along with. Or when they are asleep I have no one to reflect on the day with! However, Melon Holidays have come up with the answer. Their holidays are designed to support single parents on their well earned holidays. 

single parent holiday room

After I have survived the flight I can look forward to a friendly face greeting us at the airport.  We will then transfer to our hotel and explore. Once we have settled in it will be nice to meet fellow single parents. Hopefully, the kids will make some new friends too. You never know I might get to share a few glasses of vino with the other parents. 

I have a few other little worries about holidaying alone with the kids, but I am going to look on the positive side. I will be embracing our first holiday abroad in years. Especially the fact it is Half board so I get a break from cooking. The flight is the biggest hurdle at the moment. Hoping and praying that Little Miss A, 5, doesn’t perform one of her spectacular tantrums!

melon holidays playground

I am planning on preparing flight bags to keep the kids entertained. I am to pack as light as possible, as I know I will end up lugging it all around myself. I’m keeping my eye out for some cool flight bags for the kids that they really want to carry/pull along themselves.

If you want to follow us on our adventure pop over to Instagram.

Melon Holidays are a company founded by Melissa Mountford, that specialise in single parent holidays in the UK and abroad. This New Year coming they will be launching Skiing Holidays too

We are excited to be working with Melon Holidays, I will be sharing my honest views and all words are my own.


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