Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

The summer holidays are upon us. this year will be slightly different for our family. I would usually have the whole 6 weeks off with the kids but having a second business now means that I will be working at least a few days each week. So bring on the massive juggle, last year we had 3 holidays which was fantastic but this year we just have 1 getaway. But we still want to make tons of magical memories so I have sat down with the kids to see what they wanted to do.  The kids work so hard at school all year long so the Summer means they can let loose and enjoy themselves. And we have now put together a Family Summer Bucket List, fingers crossed we can tick lots of these off.

  • Climb a Mountain – we might as well start big!
  • Go in a Beach Hut – We often walk past the huts when we go to the beach and the kids have asked to go inside one.
  • Visit as many White Horses as possible – Living in Wiltshire we are pretty familiar with the iconic white horses. so far we have only visited 2 so it would be great to visit more.
  • Go on a train – It has been a while since  we have been on a train trip as a family, so the kids have asked to go on one soon.
  • Bake Cakes with Mummy – It’s no secret I’m no baker and the kids usually bake with Grandma but have asked to bake with me.
  • Go and see Lion King – It has to be done, I am not sure who is more excited about this, the kids or me. Lion King is my all time favourite, so can’t wait to see the remake.
  • Visit a new town – This isn’t something unusal for us, we are always adventuring, but where next?
  • Complete the library reading challenge – Jojo, Faz and Liza are all complete bookworms. I’m sure they will read many more than 6 books over the holidays. We just have to make sure we get to the library enough times to get them offically ticketed off.
  • Have a Tea Party – Love the idea of this, dressing up in our best frocks for a posh tea party.
  • Visit a Lavender Field – We have never visited a lavender field before but all the Instagram pictures that have been popping up lately look stunning so we want to get in on the action.
  • Make Pizza – The kids favourite tea is pizza, so why not make it from scratch
  • Go on a secret adventure – I like to surprise the kids with days out that they have no idea about. So this holidays won’t be any different from any other, with the odd surprise thrown in.
  • Finish decorating our rooms – The kids rooms are all painted but they are desperate to personalise them a bit. We will be heading to Home Bargains for a haul very soon.
  • Go bowling – The younger kids have never been bowling.It would be a fun activity for all of us to join in with.
  • Have a BBQ – We don’t have a BBQ so maybe it is time to purchase a new one and get cooking outside.
  • Go fruit picking – I have fond childhood memories of strawberry picking so I’m sure the kids will love it too.
  • Have a Slumber Party – PJs, movies, lots of snacks and staying up way to late. 
  • Get new stationary for school – We have enough pens and pencils to supply the school probably. But every august we have to take a trip to get new stationary for the new term.
  • Go swimming – For years I was unable to single handedly take all of the kids swimming on my own. Now they can all swim unaided apart from the little one, we will be able to go together.
  • Stay up to midnight – Bring out the matchsticks for me the following day.
  • Climb trees – Faryl is the king of tree climbing and has the scars to prove it. No family day out would be the same without him finding at least one tree to climb.
  • Go to a Big City – The kids were keen to head to London. I think we should visit another big city, but where will it be?

The kids could go on all day, but 22 things to do is plenty I’m sure. Make sure you follow our adventures.

I hope your family has lots of summer fun too.

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