Summer Holiday’s – Week Four

Summer Holiday’s – Week Four

After a fab third week I was looking forward to spending more time with the kids during week four of the summer holidays. It was a very different week and my patience have been tested to the max.

Monday friends popped over to continue sorting the garden, that is a never ending job.

Tuesday we headed back to Winchester to see an old friend, it is always good to go back and catch up with old friends, it is pretty unbelievable that we relocated to Wiltshire 5 years ago. Even though it was the best decision we made we still miss friends. The weather was lovely and warm so we chilled and chatted in the garden all afternoon prefect.

Wednesday was the start of a pretty rubbish few days, the kids were tired and grumpy and seriously uncooperative, so there isn’t much positive to say, but the babies and I did manage to enjoy half an hour of calm grabbing a Milkshake at a lovely local cafe whilst the 3 older girls swam with one of my friends. The milkshake was so off plan., but seriously struggling with keeping on the Slimming World plan with the kids home. Then the middle one ticked off one of her summer wishes by learning to ride her bike hurray, so proud to see her excited face as she achieved her goal.

Thursday was the day the boy got his arms back, hurrah. After just under 4 weeks he had his plaster removed and now is in splints for the next few weeks to ensure his wrists heal well. So the first thing we did once we got home was the bath him, as his hands were minging. The messiness in the house has reach a new high and I have an army of 5 undoing everything I try to do.

The baby of the family seems to have picked up a bug too, bring on the extra washing and clinginess, oh and don’t forget the sleeplessness. By this point in the week I was pretty tired and didn’t need any extra stress but someone had other plans for me. Friday I was clung to by the baby all day so nothing amazing happened. Both the middle girls picked up certificates at Gymnastics and Swimming this week, love to see my money isn’t going to waste!!!

At the weekend Grandma returned from holiday yay, that means I might get 10 minutes peace or at least a chance to try and catch up with my never ending to do list. So we just spent time catching up over the weekend.
Putting pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, it doesn’t seem like we did much but, the week seemed pretty hectic, but that’s our life hey!

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