Summer Holiday’s – Week Three

Summer Holiday’s – Week Three

Week three came around so quickly and we had plans to catch up with loads of friends we don’t get to see during term time much.

Monday was a funny day, I woke up raring to go, we had a workman due to come in and do a repair so couldn’t go out. So I decided to do that job I should have done a year ago when Aliza went into a bed, take down the cot. It is a funny one as we have had a cot in the house for the last 10 years, I get a little bit emotional knowing that I won’t have a baby again. Even though I have my hands and heart more than filled, there is nothing more adorable than a ickle newborn. But now it’s gone, I can actually move around my bedroom hurrah!

Then I headed to the dump clearing the pile of rubbish in the front garden including the firstborn’s bed dismantled last week plus all the broken garden toys, so the neighbours will be happy I’m no longer making the road look like a junk yard.

Then the food shop, yawn, same junk as last week purchased.

Tuesday we headed south to catch up with friends, the kids loved Moors Valley Country Park when we visited a while back so we’re happy to return. We were seriously late, how can I possible get the tribe to school for 8.30 in the mornings but in the holidays struggle to get out of the house before 10. All in the name of relaxing and de-stressing, can you use de-stressing in the same sentence as school holidays???? The weather was good and they walked miles, which meant a good night’s sleep and lay in, result! They girls played on the play trail whilst the boy caught Pokemon. Picnic lunch and ice cream too, perfect! Oh and no real meltdowns, I must be doing something right with this parenting malarkey, who am I trying to kid it will all be crashing down around me in a day or two. Our journey home took forever, after about a hundred toilet stops, thank heavens for My Carry Potty.

Wednesday and Thursday were all about friends too, we headed to Heaven’s Gate, near Longleat on Wednesday. Wow what a lovely place, not far from home and totally free. The view overlooking Longleat house is fab, the weather was clear so we could see for miles. I chilled and caught up with a friend whilst the kids found a rope swing and ran up and down the hill like loons and getting filthy, but that’s what childhood is all about, they say! Thursday we headed to a secret park, with another tribe of friends, there was only us there and the kids could run and roam around know they were safe, well apart from climbing the skateboard ramp, but we all survived without injury so that’s a result.

So far the week had been pretty calm and relax, I feel like I have this parenting malarkey under control, but no fear there’s weeks to go yet!

Friday a home day, blooming gardening, seriously I need to work harder so I can get someone in the sort my garden (my mind wanders off to that young good looking gardener on Desperate Housewives, click click back in the room and back to reality). We also just pottered around the garden and did some jobs in the house on Saturday.

Sunday was by far our highlight of week three, I set the alarm for the crack of dawn, got up made a pack lunch, lifted the smaller kids out of bed in their PJs and left the house just after 5am to head to the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta.

But it was so worth it, we had a picnic breakfast as the balloon went up for their mass morning accent. It was definitely a morning that will last in the kids memories forever and that’s what parenting is about right! After a little wander around once the balloons had all taken flight we headed home via Dyrham Park and made use of our National Trust passes whilst I made sure the kids were totally exhausted.

Week Three done and half the holidays gone. The kids were stars this week and I have really enjoyed being Mum, good work kids.

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