Summer Holiday’s – Week One Done And I Survived

Summer Holiday’s – Week One Done And I Survived

Week one of the summer holidays are now over and done with, I survived.

Our week started with the confirmation the The Boy had fractured both his wrists after a fall off a climbing frame at the weekend. So bring on the emotions, when they told me I burst into tears like some loony overprotective mum, jeezz that is so not my style. Why the tears, I think it was a mixture of how the hell am I going to manage to help Faryl eat, drink, go to the loo and just about everything else he can’t do for 6 weeks while still having to entertain the other 4. Then I think I was proud of how well Faryl had coped with the pain, he’s usually such a whinger but had just been wincing when anyone touched his arms.

The following day the kids had a visit from their father the first in months and he left just before bedtime, cheers for that, but exhausted as I was I mustered up the energy to get then to bed and plan for an exciting adventure the following day. Oh but there was a huge plus to the day me and the brainy one went to see The BFG at the cinema, she loved having some one to one time with Mummy, plus after being unprepared and not smuggling pound land drinks and popcorn in I forked out a fortune on a oversized fizzy pop and enormous bucket of popcorn. Yes I did enjoy it too, the diet wasn’t on the agenda, eek!

Wednesday we headed to Chessington World of Adventures, now we are lucky enough to be Merlin Annual Passholders we plan to make the most of them. The day started with me being a tad bit stressed, well I had experienced a roller coaster of emotions in the last few days, but after realising that it was going to ruin the day otherwise, I took myself away from the kids for a few minutes (no worries they were left with Grandma, I didn’t desert them in a public place!). And came back calm and ready to enjoy the day and that’s what we did, check out more about our day here.

Making Family Memories

Thursday, I had plans to sort the garden aka wild place and do some dump runs, yes my house is bursting with crap and during a normal week running around town like a blue arse fly I don’t get the chance to do these things. But the sodding weather decided to save me from that and peed down most of the day. So instead The firstborn decided she wanted to take her bed down and order a new one, I had been promising her forever and as she’s now 15 a high sleeper with desk and wardrobe underneath and no ladder to get up isn’t really suitable. So that is now also waiting at the side of the house to go to the dump, ah well maybe next week.

Thanks to Argos next day delivery, the firstborn’s bed arrived, so another box in the hallway to trip over. I had other things on my mind like the bloody root canal I was having Friday morning, it wasn’t actually as bad as I expected, but still made me feel ill. I came home to find the firstborn was halfway through putting her new bed together, what a star. She completed all by herself and it looks very grown up in the big girls room. A big tick off of her Summer wish list.

For the weekend we headed to Wales to stay with my sister and nieces. We visited The Big Chesse in Caerphilly, but not the best place to go with only 2 adults and 7 children, it was a constant headcount as it was really busy. They however loved a couple of fairground rides each, well at £2.50 each ride what do they expect, gone the days when you got 3 tokens for £1, yes that was years ago I know.

We finished our weekend off visiting Margam Park near Port Talbot, a great place to take the kids to run off steam, ok try to wear them out it never really works that way they are usually just grumpy and still resist bedtime.

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