Tactic Games – Review

Tactic Games – Review

Some of you may know we are a pretty non tech family, the teenagers have smart phones and laptops.  Plus we have a family laptop, which I mainly use for work. Often school recommends apps and games to help the kids learn, but I like the kids to learn offline whilst having fun. I am often looking for games and activities to help add to the kids education. We are always looking and dreaming of new adventures too. So when Tactic Games offered for us to review some travel based games we were happy to oblige. 

New for 2019 – Wonders of The World

Wonders of the World Game

Our dream would be to travel the world, so love researching and finding more about new places. The aim of the game is to name the different wonders of the world and place them on the correcct continents. Some are a bit tricky, but you can ask for clues. I would say that they game is more suited to pre-teens and up, yes I did manage to get them to all play together. The younger kids 6 and 8 did join in and played on teams with older siblings, which worked well.

What I loved about the game is how educational it is for the whole family and everyone learnt something new. As we play it more often, the kids will remember more. A great multi-generational game for Christmas and beyond, good for a rainy Sunday. Tactic Games Wonders of The World Game has been awarded a Bizziebaby Silver Award 2019 in the Educational Games category.

Flags of The World

Flags of the world game

‘Mum I never knew there were so many flags’ – Faryl, 8. Yes dude there are loads. This game comes with 200 cards and 6 continent boards. Also a map of the world, great for helping the kids understanding of where each country is. I have to say that the kids found this one easier as they knew more flags than wonders. We are looking forward to playing it more, so by the time the Olympics start next year we can recogonise all of the flags during the opening ceremony.

My verdict

Great games that enhances the kids Geography knowledge. Fun and great for most of the kids ages, I’m sure Aliza, 6 still learnt loads. The box isn’t too big so great to pack for holidays. Both games lasted about half an hour when we played, so not too drawn out so the kids didn’t loose concentration.

Disclaimer : We received both games in return of an honest review

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