Thriller Live at Bristol Hippodrome

Thriller Live at Bristol Hippodrome

Thriller Live has hit the stage at Bristol Hippodrome. When T and I were invited along to review it, I was a bit excited. Our whole family are Michael Jackson fans. I have pretty much grown up on his music. With my first ever live music experience being at Wembley stadium for Michael’s incredible Dangerous tour. I have such fond memories of that day. Over the years when I hear his tracks I can’t help but sing along. Now I have children myself, I have passed on the love of his music to my tribe. My playlist of all time favourite songs includes many of MJ’s.

Thriller Live

Thriller Live is now in its 10th year running. The show celebrates the life and achievements of Michael Jackson. An impressive 4 MILLION people across 30 countries have seen Thriller live. The playlist included tracks from the beginning with The Jackson Five. Then massive hits from Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous albums plus more.

T, my eldest daughter and I used it as an opportunity to turn off from technology and enjoy an evening of feel-good entertainment. Before the show started she browsed the programme, looking at the songs and recalling her favourites. 

The whole cast delivered a great production. Making it difficult not to sing and dance along. Ina Seidon shone throughout the whole show, hitting the high notes with ease. The other singers including Britt, Squilla and Rory, took it in turns to entertain the audience with so many Michael Jackson tracks.

My all-time favourite Michael Jackson song is Man in The Mirror. Earth Song lyrics really strikes a bell with the state of our current world. Michael knew we need to look after the planet 23 years ago when this was released.

And not forgetting the dancers, no show about Michael Jackson would be complete without the moonwalk. The smooth criminal anti-gravity lean generated a huge cheer throughout the audience. at the end there a was the opportunity to get up and dance along, everyone left feeling good.

Me and T

We had a lovely Mother and Daughter night. And would love to return to see the show with the rest of the family.

Disclaimer: We were offered free press tickets in return of an honest review, all words are my own.

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