Tips for a Family New Year Celebration

Tips for a Family New Year Celebration

I have never overly been a New Year’s Eve party-er. All my adult years I have been a parent. So I can count on one hand the nights I have had out partying for New Years Eve. Over the past 10 years or so I have always opted for a party with the kids. So thought I would share my tips for a family New Year celebration.

  1. Food – Ok, ok I know most of you might be sick of the site of food after overeating during Christmas. But it is way too early to knuckle down to the New Year diet. So we tend to opt for a buffet-style dinner. So no mad stress to get everything ready and perfect. Just need to raid the freezers at Iceland and whack it all in the oven and hey presto. I usually take a one or two kids with me to choose what we have. Having a buffet also means that you can keep picking throughout the evening. Plus it’s a good idea to get paper plates, to cut out the washing up too.
  2. Time – We aren’t routine crazy on our family, so the kids will party on through to the New Year chimes of Big Ben. So we countdown through the evening and once we are close to midnight we turn on BBC to watch Jools Holland’s Hootenanny. Then the fireworks in London, with the kids hoping one day they will actually be there in person to watch. But I know some people that have smaller ones and like to still get their kids to bed at a reasonable time. Have found Australia’s new year countdown on YouTube and done a fake midnight so the kids can then go to bed.
  3. Music – Who doesn’t love a spotify playlist? This is a great activity to kill some time during the Christmas and New Year lull, to compile a family playlist. On ours, there are loads of recent Disney soundtracks and party dances. Plus some classics from my teenage years. I also love to share memories of the songs I used to dance along to as a child with my parents. Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Take That and Craig David, of course, feature alongside, Moana’s ‘Your Welcome’ and Lego’s ‘Everything is Awesome’.  Also nothing like a dance floor, we have a glitter ball. So turn the lights down and dance the night away.
  4. Games galore – Every year at Christmas we always add to our board game collection. So New Years’s Eve is the perfect opportunity to enjoy these with all of the family. I find playing games is a great way for the kids to have my undivided attention. As games time means no phone time in our house. This year we have found a love of UNO even the 4-year-old love to have a go.
  5. Look back a the past year – Time to reflect last year we decided to start our Family Memory Jar. So New Year’s Eve is the perfect chance to empty the and remember everything that has happened in the past year.

But most of all enjoy yourself, if you have any tips please share with us

Jess x

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