Tom Gates Live

Tom Gates Live

If you have children aged 7 upwards you will probably have heard of the Tom Gates books. My 3 middle children 7, 9 and 12 have read them all. Liz Pichon’s clever stories and doodles can engage even the most reluctant readers.

Once the invited to Tom Gates Live popped into my inbox, I knew Jolie, 9 would be so excited. The show was produced by the same team that brought Gangsta Granny and Horrible Histories to the stage. Liz Pichon and Neal Foster adapted the books to bring Tom Gates alive on the stage. Tom Gates Live was on at the Bristol Hippodrome during February half term.

Tom Gates Live
Neal Foster and Liz Pichon

From the start, the jokes started rolling and Jolie was giggling. It seems, however, Tom tries he still manages to get into trouble at school and it is a constant battle not to get too many sad faces. The set was quirky and interesting.

Anyone that has read the Tom Gates books will know of the Dog Zombie songs which are a big feature. So we were expecting to hear a silly tune or two. ‘We want chips’ had the younger members of the audience singing along.

Tom Gates Live
Dog Zombies

The show included the run up to ‘The Fossils’ wedding, there are a series of mishaps. But will Tom manage to save the day and make sure the wedding goes to plan? Matthew Chase played Tom Gates who has a massive portfolio of theatre work including being Ryder in Paw Patrol’s arena tour. Also a familar face to me was Justin Davies, straightaway I recognised him from Sky one’s Stella. In which he played Ben Morris.

What Jolie, 9, thought of the show. ‘I thought it was remarkable and all of it was very intriguing as I love the Tom Gates books. My favourite bit was they went to the biscuit factory because they thought it was boring but then Tom got the surprise of his life when he was asked to design the packaging for a new biscuit. My favourite character was Norman’

Disclaimer : Bristol Hippodrome offered us 2 press tickets in return for a review, all words are my own.

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