New President Trump – What The Actual F*#k

New President Trump – What The Actual F*#k

Trump – What the actual F*#k

So I had set aside some time this morning to blog about some great days out and experiences the children and I have had recently. But my head is not in the game as news broke this morning that Donald Trump has been elected as the New American President. Last night when I went to bed after a lovely evening with a group over exciting, unique and individual women, I was inspired to learn more about each and everyone, as everyone’s differences should be celebrated. This morning as I turned BBC news on my heart sank, the words plastered over the screen Donald Trump had won.

New President Trump - What the Actual F*#k
This picture was making the rounds on Facebook this morning generally sums up mine and many others feelings today I think.

My first thought as a mother was what kind of world have I brought my children into, I thought we lived in a generation that was accepting of differences, now I have to answer my children’s questions why has a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist has just won the presidential battle. My answer is quite simply I don’t know what to say to my darlings.

The USA has voted and maybe I should just hush up and accept it but I just can’t get my head around it. I have beautiful afro-caribbean family living in the US, who my heart breaks for, what is next for them?

Also I have 4 girls, so even though there was some floors with Hilary Clinton, it would have been groundbreaking and taught my girls that anything is possible as a woman. Now in complete contrast there is a man in charge that is an out and out sexual predator that belittles woman!

My eldest daughter is due to go to New York on a school trip in spring, she is beyond excited and I was for her too. But now more than before I fear for her safety as I feel there will be some very uncertain times ahead. But I needn’t worry about her getting in as she’s blonde and very beautiful just how Trump likes women to be!!!!

I do now fear for the general stability of peace across the world, what will happen next? I am just hoping that he is just all mouth with no trousers and the dust will settle and no walls will be built.

Donald Trump a disaster waiting to happen
On the same wavelength about Trump

Great to know my sister is on the same wavelength as me too, we just feel the world is going backwards.

Right rant over for today, off to do some work

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