So Magic – Wonder Magic Garden – Review

So Magic – Wonder Magic Garden – Review

Aliza my daughter is 6 and loves getting creative, so when I was asked to review something from the ‘So Magic’ range from Canal Toys. I knew she would be happy to oblige. When Wonder Magic Garden arrived she was keen to get started and see the tree grow. 

What’s In the Box?

So Magic Review

The So Magic – Wonder Magic Garden comes in a large box, with a pink plastic garden base. It also includes lots of bags of colourful sand, some small figures and most 6 years olds dream, SLIME!

You also get 2 trees, so once the first one has grown and you fancy a change you can do it all over again. There is also a stand for the tree, rake and small shovel. As well as the cylindrical terrarium cover, to keep the tree safe as it grows.

Getting Creative

So Magic Magic Garden Toy Review

Aliza decided to set the tree up first, she couldn’t wait. We mixed the powder with water and then popped it in around the tree base. then she took her time to decide where the different colour sands were going to go on the base. Shovelling and raking it bit by bit. Then the real excitement came to put the slime in and we thought it’s shine made it look like a real pool on the base. 

Once all the foundations as such were laid time for the finishing touches. Lots of thought went into where was the right place for the rainbow, archway and most importantly the Llama! These small figures are a great additon, as it means continues play, so she could come back later in the day or week to move them about. 


The Finished Result

I love that this toy encourages some STEM learning, as we had lots of questions about how and why the crystals were growing in the terrarium. The guideline on the box said that it would start to grow in 12 hours. I am not sure if we did it wrong but I have to say it was about 24 hours until we saw a real result. Put it did help with the kids patience and they were happy to regularly check back. 

So Magic Garden

We were offered this toy in return of an honest review, all pictures and words are my own.

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